Stephen Matsumoto

Stephen Matsumoto

Anyone looking for natural pain treatment has to see Tom!!

Tom is a magician with his hands and a master of his craft.

After going to Tom for only a few sessions I have seen my abilities at the gym and running grow exponentially. Just after my first session with Tom I reduced my 4 mile run from 50 minutes to 40 minutes. I’m lifting at least 20% more weight than i was before being treated by Tom.

And don’t get me wrong I train a lot, but I also sit at a computer 60+ hours a week. It doesn’t matter if you sit all day at a desk/car/couch, do cross fit 7 days a week, run marathons or lift weights. Everyone needs to get this treatment. I was thick headed for a long time thinking that I didn’t need any ‘help. But let me tell you ever since I’ve started seeing Tom regularly for treatment, I have no idea how I ever managed before.

Thank you again for amazing customer service, fantastic facilities and fixing me up.

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