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Three weeks ago I dead lift wrongly. I couldn’t move nor I couldn’t sit had to use a stick to walk! I called my insurance to set an appointment they said I had to wait three weeks as a new patient 🙄. I honestly thought My back would improve by itself..it just got worse.. their were days I felt ok but others days were really bad. I’m an active person and to find myself not being able to move.. Was the worse. One night I decide to look for a alternative medicine someone who would do acupuncture. I saw many then I came across Chavie Thomas.. I set an appointment on line for Saturday at 3pm next day. That Saturday I woke up and I couldn’t move not even get up.. I was in pain.. A lovely lady name Lorena Mr. Thomas partner text me asking if I was coming by told her as much I wanted to go I couldn’t get up! After hours passed by my partner finds me crying! I was in pain and it was impossible to get up. He said you need to do go see someone who can help you! I gave him Mr Thomas number mind you its was about 5 pm. On a Saturday. He calls Lorena answer my husband Desperately ask her if there’s anyway the doctor can see me Lorena said absolutely she said we were just about to close but we do stay open to help patient who is in need!! finally we were able to go! Mr. Thomas was waiting outside. As he saw me he already could determine my back issue! I just wanna say that I’m grateful that I stumble across his contact! I am grateful for him he has help me and had thought me ways on how to help my self to get up from laying down and how to sit in the car properly! was doing all wrong do to my pain!! He takes his time to completely explain detail by details. He even came to his office to see me on a Sunday!! That tells you a lot about him!! He cares for his patients his clients! I truly recommend him! If you having issues with you back DO NOT wait he can help You! Blessings

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