Christophe Dameme

I want to describe my experience with Tomas Chavie as a Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist.  I have had my 5th left knee surgery at the end of June 2020. The procedure consisted of hardware removal, meniscus shaving, and some cartilage removal.  

Tom has been assisting me from the day after the surgery. He did an amazing job helping me deal with the pain, swelling, and start me moving again.  After two weeks of reduced activity, I developed a few posture issues that affected my back and neck.  Tom, amazingly spotted it without me complaining of anything.

The guy knows what hurts you just from watching you.  Tom has recently been treating some of my pain issues with acupuncture. Although I may have been skeptical at the beginning, I quickly discovered how powerful traditional Chinese medicine can be.

To conclude, Tom is an amazing and exceptionally experienced professional, with the ability to use a wide range of techniques.  I am three months after this fifth left knee surgery, and I am back in some high-intensity exercises. Tom is the reason for this.