A percussion massage device reduces muscle tension, spasm, and soreness.

Percussion is an alternative therapy that uses a mechanical percussive device that provides high-frequency stimulus to the muscle tissue. This percussive stimulus can get deeper into the muscle than a practitioner can by using their hands. 

Percussion tools provide rapid, short pulses deep into the body’s soft tissue—a breakthrough treatment option for soreness and soft tissue pain. Percussion Massage speeds up the body’s recovery and rehabilitation process. Percussion Massage relaxes thickened connective tissue and fascia, reduces muscular pain, soreness, tightness, and spasms. 

Percussion Massage (also known as “deep muscle stimulation”) increases blood flow in the affected areas, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the site and accelerating tissue repair.

Another benefit of Percussion Massage is that it breaks down scar tissue and adhesions, commonly present after surgeries and injuries. Scar tissue and adhesions can cause pain in the area. Some scar tissue pain symptoms include inflammation, sensitivity to touch, reduced range of motion, “creaky” sounds, etc. Internal scar tissue may be due to surgeries, wounds, or underlying disease. Patients may feel pain and stiffness in the affected area, especially if the scar tissue is affecting the surrounding joints. 

Percussion Massage increases venous and lymphatic circulation. The lymphatic system gets rid of toxins, waste, and unwanted materials. The lymphatic system’s primary function is to transport lymph (fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells) throughout the body. Increasing lymphatic circulation increases the removal of waste products (such as lactic acid) from the person’s body, known as lymphatic drainage. Decreasing waste products from the body can reduce muscular fatigue. This increase in lymphatic drainage can help reduce swelling, decrease pain, and improve the body’s recovery process. 

Furthermore, Percussion Massage increases the temperature of muscles due to an improvement in circulation. Increasing muscle temperature allows the muscle to relax, decreasing muscular tension. Relaxation of the muscles reduces pain and allows a person to physically and mentally relax.

Percussion Massage helps reduce muscular knots and tightness, and both are the major contributors to pain. When an increase in pain occurs, this may cause a person to have a restriction in movement. Pain can also affect the ability to perform daily activities and hobbies and even get comfortable at night.  The inability to get in a comfortable position at night decreases the amount of rest the body needs and contributes to an unhealthy sleeping pattern. A restriction in movement and unhealthy sleeping patterns can increase stress and further affect the person physically and mentally. 

  • Reduces pain.
  • Increases blood flow.
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Moves fluids deep in the muscle tissue.
  • Relaxes muscle tension and spasm.
  • Decreases swelling.
  • Improves joint motion .
How Does Percussion Massage Work?

The high-frequency percussive vibrations given by a mechanical percussion device stimulates the pain sensors of the muscle. These sensors then send signals to the brain.

By reflex, the brain reduces its sensitivity to these signals, which decreases pain and tension in the area of complaint, also known as The Pain Gate Theory.

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