Paulette Richardson

Paulette Richardson

Thomas Chavie, a 14 year military veteran who served during the Gulf War era, have been my Physical Therapist at the Miami VA, Florida since my retirement from the military.

After my lower body paralysis and my L5-S1 Laminectomy surgery, Thomas was my assigned Therapist. Under his care, I have seen massive improvement to not just my gait but my overall physical ability, as well as my mental , emotional and spiritual health.
Struggling with a host of other injuries to include a recent triple tear in my right meniscus which left me again wheelchair bound, Thomas was able to get me back on my feet in less than three weeks versus the expected 10 months to a year my Primary Care and Foot Doctor both had anticipated. Through a series of cupping, acupuncture, infrared therapy, herbal medicine and physical therapy protocol, he was able to deploy me from the wheel chair being pushed around to me walking with the temporary aid of a push walker to now moving on my own in a matter of a few months.

For the past fifteen plus years Thomas Chavie have been my go to guy and I would not have it any other way even when I have to pay for Private Treatment at his practice outside of the VA (Veteran’s Affairs Hospital system).  While an Acupuncture student at ATOM, I was his patient through the entire process, as well as his Physical Therapy patient at his job in the VA. The results I have seen and experienced with him over the years have been beyond superb or even magnificent and phenomenal.

Struggling with severe fibromyalgia and total body myopic fasciitis, along with a past TBI brain trauma injury and several fractured C-Vertebrae, as a result of my twenty-two plus years Active Duty Military career, I can tell you, finding Thomas Chavie was a definite God-Send. His innate desire to heal, shows in the protocols he uses and ultimately the patients he treats. He prides himself on his consistent desire and ability to learn about the newest and next best holistic therapeutic method available that will bring ultimate results and healing for his patients.

He treats his patients with the same or similar protocols he uses on his spouse and both their elderly parents. This attests to his skills and proficiency, as all four parents of him and his spouse are very much alive and have managed to survive even in the plight of the pandemic and scare and fear of Covid. When one considers that the elderly, 70’s and beyond to include those with existing health issues, have a very low survival ration in the height of this viral pandemic, one has to only wonder how Thomas’ parents and parents-in-law have managed to stave it off.

I am in awe of his ability to relate, not just professionally but also in a personal way to each and every patient he serves, no matter the settings or conditions or for who he works. Thomas was no less professional as an accredited seasoned Physical Therapist with years of experience under his belt while working for the VA health care system, than he was as an acupuncture student treating patients in school, an attitude of academic and certified success that have followed him to his now private practice.
Not to blow his horn, but Thomas Chavie is by far one of, if not the best, in his field. I would dare to say, from my years of affiliation with him as a patient, never as a personal friend, Thomas to me, is indeed “THE BEST” in his field yet.

I do suggest, anyone suffering or struggling with most any type of pain or body injury, especially long term ones for which you cannot seem to get help, give Thomas a call. I have to say, I do not believe for a moment you will regret it at all. Not only is he through and treat you according to your issues; he creates an individual protocol specifically to suite your needs and illness/injuries.. Thomas never, ever used a cookie cutter or one size fits all approach. He also never, ever prolong your treatments beyond what is required. You never have to worry about being overcharged and/or under served. You will see your money’s worth, whether you are paying direct or through another source. As a long standing patient of over 15 years, I stand by Thomas and his Care. Even when treatments are no longer required for my injuries, I still pay for his services as maintenance is key to my physical functionality and stopping some, while helping to decrease others such as my back pain and fibromyalgia.

I truly cannot say enough about Thomas Chavie without sounding as if I have vested interest in his practice (lol). I sure which I did (lol), because his meticulous attention to detail, his deep innate ingrained desire to help his patient heal, coupled with his consummate professionalism is beyond par by far. All I can say to those in pain or experiencing other issues, especially those unexplained, please give Thomas a try; I guarantee, with the results you see, you will be satisfied. I know I am, and have been, each and every time.

Paulette Richardson
US Army Retired
Disabled Veteran

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